Kailua View Estates Homeowners Association

Kailua View Estates Recreation Center

The Kailua View Estates Homeowners Association owns a Recreation Center pavilion and two tennis courts which are intended for the private use and enjoyment of Kailua View Estates homeowners, tenants, and their guests and other organizations approved by the Board of Directors. All rules are to be observed and will be enforced by the Association, its Board of Directors and its authorized agents.

Recreation Center Pavilion

The Recreation Center pavilion (Rec. Center) is available for use by reservation only. Reservations for the Rec. Center are available on a first come, first serve basis and should be made at least 72 hours prior to the event. Please contact Hawaiiana Management at (808) 930-3218 for reservations and available dates.

The Rec. Center Rules and reservation form can be found here. Please print this form and submit it to Hawaiiana to make your reservation.

Each Homeowner/Tenant is entitled to one PERSONAL USE per year of the Rec. Center at no charge. Subsequent uses by a Homeowner/Tenant will be $100.00 per use.

A Security Deposit of $250.00 is required with your reservation. A refund will be made after notification from our Inspection Company that the Recreation Center was left in good condition. Failure to clean to the satisfaction of the inspectors will result in forfeiture of up to the total amount of your deposit.

Absolutely no inflatable of any size or type is to be used at the Recreation Center, parking lot or park area.

Amplified music or voice of any type is prohibited in the Rec. Center. Any violation of this rule may result in the forfeiture of part or all of your deposit.

Recreation Center Tennis Courts

Tennis courts are available for Homeowners/Tenants and their guests only. The tennis courts are available for use during daylight hours on a first come first serve basis. Use of the Tennis courts need no reservation nor do they require a deposit.

Tennis courts are to be used for "TENNIS" only. All posted rules must be adhered to. Proper tennis attire is required. No food or beverages, other than water, are permitted on the courts at any time.

We have recently resurfaced the tennis courts. No black soled shoes are allowed on the courts at any time.