Kailua View Estates Homeowners Association

Kailua View Estates CC&Rs Summary

The Kailua View Estates Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions are protections for all homeowners and residents of our community. The CC&Rs are designed to maximize property value and insure the quality of life for all who live within the subdivision. Each homeowner received and agreed to abide by the KVE CC&Rs. The following is a summary guide for all residents of KVE. This is an abbreviated guide. The full language and context of our CC&Rs can be found here.

Violations of the KVE CC&Rs are subject to fine. The Violations Notification and Enforcement Procedure can be found here.


The property shall present a neat and clean appearance. Visible outdoor storage of personal items, construction / automotive / marine materials and equipment, and trash containers are not permitted. Temporary tents / shelters / garages / pop-up shelters may not be used for living or storage, and are not permitted in Kailua View Estates.


Parking of vehicles, trailers, and boats is required to be on a paved surface within the property. Parking on grass in yards is not permitted.

Temporary tent shelters / pop up tents are not suitable for use as carports Kailua View Estates.


Residents value their peace and quiet. Outdoor speakers or boom boxes are not permitted. Kailua View Estates is situated in a slight depression that carries sound. Be mindful that not only music, but voices can be a nuisance to your neighbors. Be considerate, and remember the whole neighborhood is listening to your conversation. Dogs must be controlled, both physically and audibly and their owners must clean up after them when walking in the neighborhood.

 Drive Through Inspections

The Kailua View Estates Homeowners Association Inspection Committee conducts periodic drive through inspections of the subdivision to monitor compliance with the CC&Rs. When the Inspection Committee notes violations of the CC&Rs which are visible from the street, homeowners will receive a letter from our management company informing the homeowner of the violation.

Homeowners are given 24 hours to move any illegally parked vehicles. If the vehicle is not moved within 24 hours, the homeowner will be assessed a $50 fine and an additional $10 per day for every day in violation. Homeowners are given a 30 day grace period to remedy all other types of violation without penalty.  

The KVE Design Committee reviews building and landscape plans to insure compatibility with other properties within the subdivision and compliance with the CC&Rs. Here is the Design Application Form that must be completed by the homeowner and approved by the KVE Design Committee. All exterior additions, modifications, or refurbishments must be approved by the Design Committee prior to work commencing.

Business & Occupancy

It is permitted to operate a business in KVE, provided it is not a retail business requiring parking and /or foot traffic, and there is no advertisement or signage. Trade businesses may not use properties for visible base-yard or warehousing purposes.

KVE is zoned as a single family residential subdivision.